Women in Development

Empowering women through capacity building, economic empowerment and technical support.

PEACE is empowering women through capacity building, economic empowerment through development of Livelihood and entrepreneur skills and technical support. It is imparting Literary and Numerical skills to over 6000 women in 240 adult literacy centers. The programme has trained 810 women in managerial skills and 5,439 women in livelihood skills.

SRSP under PEACE has trained 391 women as master trainers. These women help in formation of community based organizations and women focused projects. The programme has established a total of 240 Adult Literacy Centers (ALCs). Over 6,000 women are gaining literary and numerical skills from these ALCs. Over 5,400 women now have entrepreneur skills for economic development. 2,335 women provided with livelihood resources or tool kits to establish small scale businesses. 810 members were trained on management of community and village based organizations. It is one of the strategic steps of handing over roles and responsibilities to these women members in development.

Details of Women Capacity Building Programmes

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