Other Projects

The premise behind PTC trainings was to impart skills to the parent teacher councils by educating its members regarding its functions. The project ran in a total of 25 districts, taking over the responsibility to train nearly 28,000 PTCs and its members. So far 11,542 PTCs have been trained in 12 districts.
In order to train PTCs, the skills of 367 master trainers were honed in number of workshops. Master trainers were allotted categories A, B and C as a measure of their performance and only the best were made to train PTCs.
As a consequence, a total of 11,542 PTCs were reformed by providing them with adequate training through these workshops. These consisted of 86,570 PTC members out of which 52,345 were male members while 34,225 were female members.
One of the major objectives of this project was to work with the education department of the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and help engage the community in education related activities. This enabled both the bodies to achieve an improvement in the quality of education being imparted as increased awareness among PTC members would lead to a more positive outcome on the educational institutions.

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