Other Projects

With 38,988 children enrolled in government primary school the project “Promotion of Education in FATA and KPK” wrapped up, having achieved its aims that were: increased enrolment, reduction in dropout and maintaining retention. With these goals at the heart of the venture, the project set out to work in districts of Peshawar, Bannu, Kohat, and D. I. Khan along with Lakki Marwat, South Waziristan, Orakzai and Kurram Agency.
One of its premises was to engage the community by increasing their awareness regarding education whereby efforts were then made to revive education facilities and previously established structures with the help of the community.
During this project 1200 Parent Teacher Councils and Taleemi Islahi Jirgas were either reformed or reactivated. Their members were given training in disciplines such as social mobilisation, planning and development of schools, financial management, effective use of resources in addition to mentoring and monitoring. In an attempt to improve the quality of education a total of 1200 teachers and 1200 head teachers were trained. 120 CRPS were also trained in order for them to work as education activists, building capacity of the community even after the project’s completion.
Such achievements are not just remarkable to have been achieved in a time span of 9 months however, the impact of these measures is such that it will continue to make a difference in the education sector long after the project has winded up. Community members and stake holders will be able to plan better and coordinate upon promotion of education leading to more positive results.

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