Other Projects

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UNHC-RAHA partnered with SRSP for ‘collective action, restoration of social services, livelihoods and Infrastructure Development’ in refugee affected areas. The areas targeted were Buner, Haripur and Mansehra. The overarching objective was to ease the impact on the host communities through building the resilience of the people and providing access to basic infrastructure needs. Under the project 8 schools, 7 Basic Health Units and 4 Technical Vocational Centers were rehabilitated in the three districts. Livelihood trainings and tool kits were also provided to 50 community members. There were approximately 35,000 beneficiaries, and follow up studies found improvements in student enrollments and school environment, health conditions in the area, morbidity and mortality rates for mother and child decreased, and the relationship between the host and refugee communities was developed and strengthened. Public services were improved and livelihood conditions were enhanced by strengthening the capacities (and developing linkages) of the government, community institutions and vulnerable groups.

Connecting Classrooms

This is a British Council initiative that is being implemented in the districts of Peshawar, Mardan, Haripur, Abbotabad and Mansehra. The main objective of this project is to promote Global Citizenship by connecting the students across different countries. It was initiated in May 2014, and is scheduled to continue for a 1 year term. The programme has been implemented in 40 schools across 5 districts, and 96 teachers have been trained through the online training school.

Alif Ailaan

The main objective of this programme is to mobilize and encourage communities to demand Education (Article 25-A) and local accountability. This is an ongoing 2 Phase UK-AID funded initiative of Alif Ailaan which started in October 2013 and is being implemented by Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN), with the support of SRSP in selected districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. These include the districts Haripur and Mansehra. Phase 1 was finalized in July 2014, and 1020 new students were admitted as a part of the enrollment drive, 568 Sensitization Sessions with Parents were held and 9009 parents were trained and there were also 105 LSOs meetings with SMCs & Teachers. Phase 2 was initiated in July 2014 and included Battagram District. To date a further 1066 students have been enrolled. There has also been 560 CRP Awareness Raising sessions across the 3 districts.  

Promoting Girls Education

This is a UNICEF funded project that was initiated on the 10th June 2013 and completed by the 10th September 2013, and that that was developed with a vision of accessible education and increased literacy in Torghar and Kohistan. Its mission was to introduce reforms that can facilitate in increasing access, strengthening governance and improving the overall quality of education for all, with a special focus on the poverty-stricken and female population. This was to be achieved in the district through improved district education plans, school improvement plans and parent-teacher councils. To date there has been 100 parent-teacher councils trained and organized – in turn, these councils have prepared 100 school improvement plans. District education plans were also developed, and the interaction between school communities and teachers was enhanced. There was also an increase in student enrollment (316).

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