About CDLD

Community Driven Local Development Policy (CDLD)

Goal and Objectives of CDLD Policy

SRSP is supporting the Govt of KP to achieve sustainable improvement in coverage and quality of public service delivery through active involvement of local communities. This project is supported by European Union (EU). EU is providing 64 Million Euro budgetary support to Govt of KP. The Govt of KP contribution is Rs 500 Million for the year 2014/15.  

CDLD is implemented on pilot basis in six districts (Chitral, Dir upper, Dir Lower Malakand, Shangla & Swat) of Malakand Division. 

EU is also providing support in community mobilization, design and cost estimation of the need and potential based projects. These projects are suggested by community organizations organized through the SRSP. 

SRSP in partnership with EU, is providing Social Mobilization support to the Govt of KP in the implementation of CDLD policy. 

Since February 2015, SRSP has initiated activities of the DGCD Project under the CDLD policy of the KP Government on ground and achieved important milestones highlighted as follows:


Visioning exercises held

Households participated in visioning exercise

Applications received by DC Office (nos.)

Application shared/sent to SRSP

No. Detailed projects submitted to DC

No. Projects approved by DDC

All 7 districts







Social mobilization process carried out by SRSP with the selected communities and inclusive and democratic community based organizations were formed as per policy and agreed project document in the targeted VC/NCs. The details status of Community based organizations formed and skills developed are given in the table below:


No. CBO formed

No. CBOs Registered

CMST Conducted No.

LMST Conducted No.

No. CBO funds released

No. CPIs Initiated

All 7 districts





Not Yet

Not Yet

In addition, fifteen stakeholders meetings/workshops were held to develop an understanding of 476 local elected representatives (Nazims, Councilors and members of provincial/national assemblies) on CDLD policy and importance of effective and efficient service delivery through all key stakeholders. These events proved instrumental to initiate and encourage dialogue process between communities and elected representatives/ government officials on issue communities are facing and their possible solutions with shared responsibilities.

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