Organizational Structure

The 21 members BoD is responsible for setting strategic direction & developing guiding policies, Implementation of SRSP's strategies and policy initiatives are delegated to the CEO supported by core management, while field teams are responsible for operations and implementation of activities.

SRSP has four tiered organizational structure including Head Office, Regional/District Offices and Field Units.

SRSP Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Determines policy, appoints the Chief Executive and management and holds them accountable and assist in raising resources and maintains financial oversight. The Board is a voluntary body.

Chief Executive Officer and Core Management

The Chief Executive provides leadership to the organization it is responsible for day to day management, quality assurance, resource mobilization, programme development and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; financial systems and audit. The CEO is assisted by a Core team of highly professional staff who work on a long term basis at both the head office and the regions/districts. This Core team comprises of senior managers in the major competencies of the organization; social mobilisation and instiutional development; community infrastructure development, water and sanitation and energy; human resource development; social sectors and gender and development; monitoring and evaluation; finance; internal audit; education; micro finance; small enterprise development; livelihood and community investment funds; humanitarian programmes and governance and information technology.

Regional and Project Teams

SRSP's outreach in communities is made possible by its Regional and District offices. These offices are responsible for the Core functions and cover a number of districts and Regions. Like the Core at the Head Office these are long term structures aimed to build trust and long term relationship with the communities. There are different projects funded by different donors which operate in different regions and are supervised by the Project Support Units based in Peshawar which report to the Core and the Head Office. It is the responsibility of Regional and District teams to integrate all these projects into the mainstream of SRSP so that the organization collectively attains its vision and mission. The Regional teams operate on the principle of subsidiarity and are encouraged to make decision locally to meet the local contextual requirements.

Social Organisation Units

At the lowest level are the social organization units within each region which interact with the communities and are interface between the programme and the communities

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