Damage Assessment Chitral Floods

Horrendous details of Community Infrastructure Damaged in Chitral Floods.

Current Assessment of Four Union Councils (Chitral 1, Chitral 2, Ayun, Broze). For Detailed Statistics Click here

In the mountainous regions of Chitral, communities are dependent on infrastructure developed by them to sustain their livelihoods. Damage Assessment in just four Union Councils of Chitral by Monitoring and Evaluation Chitral teams of SRSP shows that the scale of damages is horrendous putting communities under tremendous strain. Irrigation which is the backbone of the community has suffered the most.
Irrigation Channels: In the last fifteen days out of 75 irrigation channels that benefit 13,101 households in this area, only seven have had temporary restoration. Headworks of 67 have suffered damages while 25 have suffered damages to the middle portion because of rising flood waters.
Drinking Water Schemes: In the Drinking Water sector 38 schemes supply 7,759 households. Only 10 of these are Govt build while the remaining are either community based or built through projects by NGOs and government and maintained by the communities. All 38 have suffered severe damages and pipes ranging from 200 ft to 1200 feet have been washed away; the intake tanks of 16 are also damaged.
Communication Schemes: 31 communication schemes have suffered. The main road to Boomboret, Rumbur and Birir is washed away at several places. 28 bridges have been destroyed, the bulk of these connected villages while some of them linked villages to the market. This is in just four Union Councils around Chitral.
Details of distant Union Councils are awaited and would be provided on our website as soon as they are available.

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